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Jamie C Goodwin

Jamie is an artist, writer & woodsman who lives within the Limply Stoke ancient oak woodland & wildlife sanctuary.

He also works as a copywriter & business consultant through his first business Rocket Copywriting while studying to complete his coaching, mentoring & counselling diplomas to launch his next business venture Untamed Advice.

"It's good to meet you. by the way, and while you're here, remember, you got the whole universe looking out of your eyes.

People often ask me what I do. Well...

My words have changed lives, businesses, and perspectives. Often in conversations, ebooks, podcasts or videos.

Working with small and medium businesses to revamp their sales message brings me joy, because I always stick up for the little guys. Probably why I love martial arts so much.

It's enabled me to live in a forest and work hard to create a nature sanctuary within a sacred site at the heart of a wildlife corridor. 

Writing, art, and nature are my passion.

In time, a foundation called Infinity Glade will be finalised to ensure the wildlife sanctuary thrives well after my death.

Right now, my focus is taking me into getting certified as a mentor, coach, holistic therapist, and counsellor.

Soon, once certified, one-to-one calls on confidence (adaptive & social), life direction, relationships and the release of stress, overwhelm, and imposter syndrome via ancient wisdom will be readily available. Watch this space.

Those qualifications are all part of the creative project called Untamed. Which will consist of this blog, several volumes of books (ebooks & audiobooks), and this podcast.

When people ask me what I do, my answer is very simple. 

I say live.

Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon.

Updated: 8th November 2022. | © Jamie C Goodwin.

By the way. Years ago, I made a few videos on Instagram..

Kinda became a micro-influencer in 2019 for a year—no big deal. I was testing things out. Anyway, I will soon change that account and merge it with untamedadvice. So you can still check it out and see if what I say connects.

In the meantime, here are a few videos:

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A post shared by Jamie — Live Life Fully (@passion.installation)

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A post shared by Jamie — Live Life Fully (@passion.installation)

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